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Arts & Crafts

arts-and-craftsThe ULTIMATE Collection of Arts & Crafts Activities To Feed Your Creative Side!

Look no further for the latest Arts & Crafts Rentals and greatest arts & crafts everyone’s been buzzing about!

From party classics like Face Painting to our Deluxe Sign Shoppe Party Pros rents it all! Adding Arts and Crafts to the variety of carnival, casino and inflatable party rentals, Party Pros East Coast offers will set your party up for success! With our arts and crafts catered towards both kids and adults alike, how could it not?

Whatever your event, there are Arts & Crafts options everyone is guaranteed to enjoy and remember for years to come! Don’t stress about the mess either. We’ll not only help you get everything set up on the day of your party and then break it down after but we also promise to be available for any questions you have leading up to your big day! Can’t go wrong there.

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African Beads

Have fun making your own necklace out of these beautiful beads. Great for diversity days. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL). African Beads make great party favors!

African Beads

dlncfdkvAirbrush Artist

Our artists create unique designs for any theme or interest. T-shirts, boxers, hats, and more. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL). Great party souvenir. Perfect for sweet sixteen parties, college events and bar mitzvahs.

Airbrush Artist

Airbrush Emoji/Meme Pillows

Have fun with exchanging pillows with different Emoji signs or MEME Pillows.

Airbrush Emoji/Meme Pillows

Air Plant Crafts

There are, of course, some basic rules for caring and we will give you useful and practical tips for the good health of your plants. House plants should be wet thoroughly at least two times a week. A note of attention – your Tillandsias will not survive standing in water! This means that air circulation is just as important as watering. Give them enough light and air!!

Air Plant Crafts

0004914678505_500X500Amazing Aquariums

Guest make their own plastic Aquarium to take home, using colorful rocks, plants and a fish.  (Customer must supply the fish) Area needed: 10’L x 10’W.

Amazing Aquariums

asian art 2Asian Art


Party Pros offers an amazing assortment of Asian Art for your next theme party, dance, carnival or private occasion. Talented professional artists create unique paper-cutting, origami, calligraphy or paintings for your guests to take home! Party favors include lamps, fans, posters and more!

Asian Art

balloon_artBalloon Art

Balloon Art is a great craft activity for parties! Design your own funny face on a balloon, with stickers or paint. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Balloon Art

bamboo plantsBamboo Plants

Known for luck and longevity, bamboo plants have become a popular part of household decor. Whether children are taking care of their first plant or college students are bringing warmth to their dorm rooms, the opportunity to design a custom plant holder and take home living bamboo is always a popular activity at birthday parties, campus events, and carnivals. Ideal for parties with an Asian or Garden Theme (Go Green! & Earth Day).

Bamboo Plants


Bead Generations

You create your own beaded jewelry. We supply leather string and a wide assortment of ceramic letter/picture beads, power and crystal beads, and more. Bracelets, necklaces, key chains and anklets can be made for a really awesome favor. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Bead Generations

can_artCan Art

It’s amazing what you can do with cans!! Do not try this at home!! Our artist creates unique cars, hats, boats, planes. Great for unique souvenirs. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Can Art

candle_art3Candle Art

With over nine colors to choose from, you make your own candle in a 2-ounce glass. We provide display holders and wax, you provide the creativity! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Candle Art


Cookie Art

Participants place an oversized cookie on a spinning machine. Then sprinkle icing and other tasty edibles onto it to make it crazy, fun, and edible! Doubles as a food and activity at a party! Yum! It’s an interactive dessert! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Cookie Art

attitude_hatsCrazy Hats

Create a one-of-a-kind plastic hat using a hot glue gun, toys, and your imagination. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL). Baseball/ski style hats or fleece headbands/bucket hat/visors. We bring hats and patches and heat seal them for you. Over 50 kinds to choose from. Yin-Yang, flowers, peace signs, numbers, and more!

Crazy Hats

create_a_bearStuff a Plush – Create A Bear

A hot new favorite activity. Choose from over six different colored bears, rabbits, dogs and monkeys  then dress them in one of 24 outfits. Includes personalized Birth Certificate for the new member of your family. Very popular at children’s birthday parties Sweet Sixteens and College events as give-ways!. All of our Arts and Crafts come with an optional 3′ x  6′ banner and tent 10′ x 10′.

Create A Bear

deluxe_sign_shoppeDeluxe Sign Shop

Street Signs and various other novelty signs like license plates and bumper stickers can be personalized at the party. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Deluxe Sign Shop

diva_tags_engravingDiva Tags

Guests get to pick from several gold- and silver-plated bracelets, chokers, dog tags, money clips, and more! We engrave the names at the party. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Diva Tags


Guests make their own Native American Traditional handmade keepsakes. Using colorful feathers and beads on a woven circle. Area needed: 10’L x 10’W.


image001Face Painter

Dressed in colorful, festive garb, our Face Painters will come entertain children of all ages by transforming them into their favorite monsters, princesses, or animals . They can also learn mascots or themes with advance notice. Cheek and body art, as well as airbrush face painting also available. Temporary paint tattoos also offered. Our Face Painters are always a hit at birthdays!

Face Painter

flipflop3Flippin Flip Flops

Pick out and design your own colorful Flip Flop with beads, flowers, and decorations. A colorful way to go to the beach! Area needed 10’ x 10’.

Flippin' Flip Flops

Glitter-Tattoos-ButterflyGlitter Tattoos

Participants get shimmery designs on arms and faces in just seconds. Our artists use stencils to decorate skin with non toxic glitter. Area needed: 10’L x 10’W.

Glitter Tattoos

hairwrappingHair Wraps

Looking for the perfect sweet 16, princess party or Caribbean theme party idea? Our stylists let each person pick from a variety of colors and then create an exciting unique look by wrapping colored beads or silver plated accessories in their hair.

Hair Wraps

Hair Tattoos

You can be the life of the party!  Beautiful, intricate, and fabulous, they are just the thing to take your hair to the next level. They are applied like a normal tattoo, they go on as easily as they come off! Great for high school, college events and sweet sixteens!

Hair Tattoos

Name Painting

Always a popular event at parties, name painting allows your guests to walk away with personalized works of art. Our artists are top-caliber at creating beautiful, detailed posters based on every name. Children and adults love watching this fun, unique art created in front of their very eyes.

Name Painting

birthdayBirthday Chronicles

Guests receive a computer printout on attractive paper telling them what was happening on any day in history during the past century. Past presidents, sports, music, facts, cost of living and more. Great for birthdays! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

News of the Past


Ornament Making

Create your own custom holiday ornaments! Each one comes out unique and beautiful! Perfect for your office holiday party! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Ornament Making

snap lab 2Photo Snap Lab

Make your event memorable with 5 X 7″ photos of your guests with a custom border from our Photo Snap Lab! We can include graphics, logos, dates or special themes to make your event stand out – 60 pictures per hour.

Photo Snap Lab

rice_jewelryRice Jewelry

Have your name written on a piece of rice then placed into a magnetic necklace. Fun and unique jewelry  and the process will hold your guests attention! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Rice Jewelry

sandartSand Art

Participants fill plastic bottles with over 12 different colors of sand. We provide tools to make it swirl and mix in delightful patterns. Create your own design. They’re lovely on display. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Sand Art

spin artSpin Art

Spin art is an ideal activity if you’re hosting a birthday party, family gathering, bar mitzvah, or Sweet 16! Children and young adults love to use our special swirling system to drop splashes of paint onto their very own t-shirt or stunner shades. This is both a party activity and the perfect souvenir combined into one fun and popular event! Also great for carnivals, picnics, fairs and festivals!

Participants place a 5″x 5″ white card or a Frisbee on a spinning machine and squirt paint from above. Then they can create crazy designs! Great as a party souvenir.


  • T-Shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Frisbee’s
  • Cookies

Spin Art

urlStunner Shades

Participants place Stunner Shade Sunglasses on Spin Art machine and decorate with colorful paint. Area needed: 10’L x 10’W.

Stunner Shades

suncatchersSun Catchers

Create your own stained glass by painting a glass Sun Catcher. No baking or heating is required. Your guests will have beautiful souvenirs to take home. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Sun Catchers

temporary_tattoosTemporary Tattoos

Participants choose their own tattoo, which we place on them and then hand-paint with the colors of their choice. All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Temporary Tattoos

rent wax hands for your next party or eventWax Hands

A truly unique interactive experience that provides people with the enjoyment of creating their own Wax Hand Sculptures! We supply the props and colors. All you have to do is dip! Just 12 dips into our hot wax and you can have a mold of your hand, then dip your molded hand into one of our several different colors for a colorful wax version of your hand. Area needed: 10’L x 10’W.

Wax Hands

whats_in_a_nameWhat’s In a Name?

This game will tell you all about your name and print out a name summary. Great for Carnivals and birthday parties! So accurate it’s spooky! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

What's In A Name?

Wire Names

Wire can be used as a piece of art! You can have specialty frames made, or have your name or special saying on a bracelet for a gift! Perfect present for someone special or you can treat yourself to this unique piece of art or jewelry. Plus, they are known for their naturalness and organicity! A perfect event for colleges, bat mitzvahs and sweet sixteens!

Wire Art

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