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Hi-Tech Games

vr11We Have the Ultimate Collection of Hi-Tech Games For Your Next Event!

We offer all the latest and greatest hi-tech games that everyone’s talking about! From virtual reality to the racing simulators and golf simulators. The Party Pros will set up hi-tech games and attractions for your next event!

guitarheroTake a look at our menu of options, we will ensure you event goes as planned!

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video_racer1Alpine Racer / Jet Ski / Skateboard

Step onto the Hi-tech game world! Ski Platform, sit on the Jet Ski,  or stand on the Skateboard. As you look into the large screen and move your body to control each of these units, keep the racers on the slope, wave, or rail! This hi -tech game is great for for the agile, athletic  person!

Alpine Racer


Dance Dance Revolution

One to two players compete with the on-screen dance movements by matching them on the colorful dance pads. This is a great event for teen parties!

Dance Dance Revolution


Drive-In Movie

This Hi-tech audio visual event is great for Indoors or outdoors at night. Large 24ft by 24ft video screens with a powerful sound system, inflatable screen set-up. You pick the movie and we make it happen! Pre- and post- show Music is included; popcorn and other snacks are optional. This is perfect for orientations and other special events. Country clubs and camps are perfect venues and additionally this event was voted “Most Favorite Event” for colleges!

Drive-In Movie

flight_simulator2Flight Simulator

Talk about Hi-tech…Get ready for takeoff ! Step into the pilot seat, grab hold of the realistic easy-to-use controls, and you’re flying like an ace. We even have a 2 seat motion flight simulator featuring a pilot and a bombardier! Choice of aircraft include: F16, Stealth Fighter, WWII plane, X-wings (Star Wars), Jumbo Jets, and much more! Flight simulator can be experienced with VR goggles or on a large projection screen In Conclusion, get ready for an ultimate thrill ride!

Flight Simulator

game-showGame Show Mania

Have your very own game show at your location.  This package comes complete with 4 game show pods, a complete audio system and a charismatic host. Call us for more details on this NEW exciting event. Plus, we have other game shows to choose from like Friendly Fued and more!!

Game Show Mania

golf_simulator_standardGolf Simulator

Available in Full or Standard size. Actual golf club striking a real golf ball into a special projection screen. The golf ball’s path is then instantly seen on 2 monitors. Features swing analysis as well as digital video analysis, an on-screen leader board for your longest drive, closest-to-the-pin contests, or 18 holes of world class golf. Great for corporate parties! In conclusion, anyone who like playing golf will get a kick out of this unit!

Golf Simulator

guitarheroGuitar Hero

You are jammin’  with the best! You are the star! Furthermore, you do not even have to know how to play! Guitar Hero challenges two players at a time with “prop” guitars. Match grooves against each other and the game. Whether you play or not,  you sound great if you go with the rythm. It is amazing how great you’ll sound! Great for school campus events and Bar Mitzvahs or Sweet 16’s! It’s the same exciting version you enjoy on your Playstation or Wii.


Hot Wheels 3-D Racing Simulator

Our Hot Wheel Car Simulator us a full sized Go-Kart with 42” plasma display & full surround sound. Working steering wheel and pedals control the latest high end graphic racing games.

This Hot Wheel Simulator is fantastic for teen parties, graduation events, corporate gathering and team building.

Hot Wheels Racing

dance_explosionMake Your Own Music DVD

Dress up in costumes, lip sync, and use instrument props. Using a process called chromakey you and your guests are superimposed into wild special-effect backgrounds, giving your video the look of a real MTV-style video. Videos are given out to all the performers. Host receives master video of the entire event.

Make Your Own Music DVD

Motion Thrill Ridemotion_thrill_ride

Why go to an amusement park? We bring the thrill of a coaster right to your event! This custom built 4 seat thrill ride is truly unique! 3D graphics, stereo sound, and computer synchronized motion will “thrill” your guests! Furthermore, we can simulate just about ANY motion from your favorite movie on DVD!

Motion Thrill Ride

Hot Wheels

Racing Simulator

Full Sized Go-Kart with 42” Plasma Display & full surround sound. Working steering wheel and pedals control the latest Hi End Graphic racing games. Now available in3D.

Racing Simulator

recording_studio2Recording Studio

Guests see lyrics on video monitor inside booth from digital laser discs. Choose from over 500 songs with this state-of-the-art technology. Then you can record your session on CD as a souvenir!

Recording Studio


Rock Band

DJ playing background music for cocktails or a presentation, or a rocking dance party.

Rock Band

sports_blitz1Sports Blitz

Two people go HEAD-to-HEAD in just about any sport you can imagine while watching LIFE-SIZE players (most games) on a GIANT 8′ x 6′ projection screen!

Sports Blitz


Video Arcade Station

Ten foot truss with three 47″ LCD Screens. We provide the latest video games and systems (i.e. XBox One, PS3/4, Nintendo Switch). Up to 6 players.

Video Arcade Station

Throw a Rental Video Dance PartyVideo Dance Party

Extra large video screen(s). Urban, Top 40, Reggae, Dance, Latin, Oldies & more! Closed circuit videotaping to see yourself on the screen! All-inclusive with a 10,000-watt earthquake sound. Music Videos are shown throughout, as well as live action from the dance. In conclusion, you have the best dance party ever!!

Video Dance Party

virtual_reality_dream_gliderHi-tech Virtual Dream Glider

Experience the thrill of Hang Gliding without leaving the ground! The dream glider combines virtual reality and hang gliding. In the harness, with wind-in-your-face reality, the virtual pilot’s control bar inputs the virtual world to provide an adventure that has the excitement of the actual flight.

Virtual Dream Glider

Virtual Golf ExperienceExpert Virtual Golf

Looking for the right event for your corporate partners and do not have a course?  Virtual golf is the way to go!

Firstly, the club is the length of a real golf club with the same weight and feel, with an infrared light emitter on the end. When it is swung over the virtual tee, the computer reads the speed and angle of the swing, and you instantly see the ball’s flight on a monitor, on a  small projection screen, or large projection screen. Therefore, this is perfect for a driving range contest or 18 holes of world class golf.

Additionally, if  you combine this with The Electronic Putting Challenge to add to the excitement. 4 players can play nine holes in less than 5 minutes. The contour of the green changes after each round. An automatic ball return keeps play moving along. Hence, this is the perfect event for all of your golfing buddies!

Virtual Golf

vr_racingRacing Simulators

Hi-tech games will wow any crowd! You can race while either in a car or motorcycle! Either you can sit in a model or using just controls and goggles, it is a fabulous experience.   One or two players compete by sitting in or on their vehicle as they watch 3D visuals on a giant screen or monitor. Especially relevent is that it puts you right in with the action! Most of all, it is loads of fun!

Virtual Racing

sports_stadiumSports Arena-Hi Tech, virtual arenas

Four of our favorite sports packaged all into on setup. Either you can do VR Baseball on a 25″ monitor with our virtual bat,  or VR Tennis on a 25″ monitor with our virtual racket, or even our deluxe VR race car with VR goggles, or a Snow/Skate/Surf-board with VR goggles. Consequently, which ever sport you are into, we have something for everyone!

Virtual Sports Arena

Virtual Reality Pods

Pods-Virtual Reality

First of all, there are so many items in the virtual world gthat can be age approporiate for anyone,  you do not have to worry as much about what to choose when it comes to Hi-tech games! Due to the wide array of games, there are games available for almost any age participants. Participants see themselves on the big screen, therefore it is as much fun to watch as it is to play. You interact with the game by using body motions. Additonally, different Immersive experiences are available as either deep sea fishing, or sky diving, or roller coasters, Finally, even hang gliders can be selected by the user. As a result, This event is perfect for all types of events from graduation parties  to corporate events.!

Virtual Reality

fun karaoke rentalKaraoke

This fun-filled item  is a highlight for any party! Either you are  laughing so hard, you cannot even hear the singer, or beautiful singing occurs, it is so much fun!  Just follow the words on the Monitor and sing along.  The set-up includes a complete audio system also has basic lighting.  There are so many songs and catagories to choose from, there is a song for everyone’s taste in music!  So, whether you like metal, rock, oldies, or standards, we have many selections to choose from. Additionally, see our “Recording Booth’ for more options. Area needed: 10’L x 10’W. Conclusively, there is nothing better for sweet sixteens or corporate get togethers!

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