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We rent inflatable rides, games and features for your next party in Philadelphia, Jersey and Delaware. We have all the latest and greatest rentals for inflatable games and toys that everyone’s talking about, from our Giant Slide to the Velcro Wall, we rent it all.

The Party Pros can set up parties ranging from casino-themed parties to Arts and Crafts for the kids and inflatable rides and games will just enhance the event.

No matter what kind of event you’re looking to throw, we have fun and exciting inflatable rides and games to rent with options you can choose from.

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twister inflatableAir Twister

The Air Twister inflatable will be the life of any party! A giant, inflated version (20X20) of the popular party game Twister allows up to 16 people to play at once! If you thought you were too old for this game, give it a try! Whether you are 6, 16 0r 56, you will still have loads of fun with a “twist” of the Old classic Twister.

Air Twister


balloon typhoon inflatableBalloon Typhoon Inflatable

This is no moon bounce. Instead, it’s an inflated clown face is filled with swirling balloons! This room is great fun for small children – they’ll love to play in our funhouse! This is a great way to keep children entertained at birthday parties or adult events. With our soft inflatable plastic clown, this is a perfect addition to an event for children even as young as 5 years old. Plus, there is room for an adult to go inside with their children. This is one of the best events for non-athletic adults with very young children, because adults can take part but do not have to “bounce” their way around.

Balloon Typhoon

Batting Buddy inflatableBatting Buddy Inflatable

Recommended for 2-12 years old, the Batting Buddy Inflatable works by allowing children try to hit the Wiffle ball as it magically floats on a cushion of air, into the backdrop target for scores. Soft inflatable plastic makes this a great choice for parties.

Batting Buddy

bigchair_photosBig Chair Photos

Inflatables are not just to jump on! With the Big Chair, you can take hilarious photos of your guests, as our huge inflatable chair makes your guests seem miniature. We add giant-sized props for your guests to hold. Don’t forget to ask about our Big Toy Party and discount packages. Additionally, we have other giant games like Connect Four, Jenga, Dominoes and more! Just ask the Party Pros.

Big Chair Photos

bounce house inflatableBounce Houses

Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes. For the jumpers and bouncers, our bounce houses, or “moonbounce,”  provide young children and young adults with a durable, safe environment perfect for exercise and active play for one or more people at a time. Soft inflatable Moon Bouncers, or Bounce Houses, are so popular and fun at kids birthday parties and keeps the little ones busy for your entire event. For the older crowd, it is a great time and great exercise at the same time!

Bounce Houses

bouncy boxing inflatableBouncy Boxing Inflatable

The Bouncy Boxing Inflatable allows for all of the excitement of boxing. without the violence. With this inflatable, two contestants box in an inflatable ring wearing oversized boxing gloves and headgear. Safe, fun, and funny – you can’t gear up without laughing!

Bouncy Boxing


Inflatable Bungee Bull

Bring out your inner cowboy! Bring out your inner cowboy/girl! One “Bull Rider” tries to stay on as four other people pull on bungee cords to try to knock them off. The bungee cords are attached to poles with a pulley system mounted on top. An inflated mattress is below the bull for safety. This ride has a 230lb. weight limit. Even inflatables have safety limits.

Bungee Bull

bungee challenge inflatableBungee Challenge

Your choice- football or basketball. We offer two challenges: football and basketball. Participants run in opposite directions, attached to bungee cords. See your favorite sports in a new light!

Bungee Challenge

Bump Ball Soccer combines traditional soccer with the pure joy of wearing big Bubble suits. This amazing invention transforms you into a human airbag and unleashes the full fury of Newton’s Laws of Motion onto the field of play.
Bump Soccer

Bump Soccer combines traditional soccer with the pure joy of wearing big Bubble suits. This amazing invention transforms you into a human airbag and unleashes the full fury of Newton’s Laws of Motion onto the field of play.

Bump Soccer

bungee_runBungee Run

Race down this two-lane inflatable alone or against a friend! There’s just one catch: you have a bungee cord attached to your back!

Bungee Run

defenderdomeDefender Dome

Protect your goal and score against your opponents while playing in our brand new, oversized inflatable dome! Four players face off on an angled surface with a goal of their own to defend against the other players, attacking from every direction. It’s bouncy, it’s exciting, and you won’t find anything like it. Defender Dome combines all of the thrills of dodgeball and soccer with a bounce house.

Defender Dome

giant_slideGiant Slide

Ride a mat down this oversized slide! A classic at our Carnivals. Participants (one at a time) use a mat to slide down this 26′ inflatable and colorful slide. Very popular at CARNIVALS!

Giant Slide

human-bowlingHuman Bowling

Players climb into a 4’ metal ball and are rolled down an inflatable lane by team players into 6 pins standing 5’ tall.

Human Bowling

human_foosballHuman Foosball

A life-sized soccer-style game based on table Foosball! Participate in a six-on-six-person inflatable game. The teams play a soccer-style game based on the table version of Foosball. The players’ movements are restricted to only lateral movement by a harness connected to a rope. Absolutely fantastic for Corporate Team Building!

Human Foosball

Adrenilinerush2Inflatable Maze Adrenaline Rush

The Inflatable Maze Adrenaline Rush bounce house will make any event a success! This obstacle course starts with a dive through the start opening, over a small climb, crawl under the inflated logs, through the obstacle and then U-turn to climb the wall and finish with a slide at the end. Eighty feet of obstacle action all together!

Inflatable Maze


Getting through this 35-foot inflatable obstacle course won’t be easy!  Participants run through tubes over hills and much more. Area needed: 40’L x 20’W x 17’H.


slamdunkSlam Dunker

Fight obstacles and your opponent to be the first to slam dunk your ball! Participants race against each other through this inflatable obstacle course. Go over, under, and through obstacles before squeezing through a wall and slam dunking your basketball! Suitable for almost all ages. Great for Team Building!

Slam Dunker

rockwallInflatable Rock Walls

Experience the thrill of reaching the summit in a 100% safe environment. Up to 4 people at a time can climb this 28′ inflatable rock face to the summit. Reaching the peak is only half the fun, wait until you descend! You don’t have to be an experienced climber to enjoy this event. Participants must be at least 48″ tall. Available indoors and outdoors.

Rock Wall


Climb hills and scale high walls with this super relay race/team builder! Two fully harnessed contestants race over an 8′ hill covered with cargo netting and then up a 24′ wall with ropes and blocks. Participants must be 48″ to participate. Great for Team Building!



Defend fair maidens and your honor with this American Gladiator twist on jousting. Two contestants climb onto 4 pedestals and try to knock each other off onto an inflatable mattress using a jousting stick. Helmets and gloves are included, plus staff to make sure our game is safe fun.


pirate_bounce_slidePirate Bounce Slide

Ahoy! Climb aboard. Avast! Our exciting new inflatable is a pirate-themed combo event. It’s a 3-in-1 activity course! Your guests can crawl around in a classic bounce house complete with an exciting climbing wall, and they exit down a fun inflatable slide!

Pirate Bounce Slide

Safari Moon Bounce Bus

The Safari Bus will keep all your little ones busy for the whole event.
The Bus is 36 feet long inside and provides lots of room to bounce, climb, slide and move through the obstacles Great for the backyard birthday party or your corporate event.

The Safari Bus

S_arenaSports Arena

A radar gun displays the ball’s speed. Choose from popular sports! This inflatable speed pitch requires contestants to throw a baseball at a target approximately 24′ away. A radar gun displays the ball’s speed. Choose from Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

Sports Arena 2

sumoSumo Wrestling

Wear an inflatable suit and wrestle your opponent out of the ring Sumo-style! Two contestants put on inflatable “Sumo” suits and try to knock each other out of the padded ring. “Hair” helmets included. Fall over laughing with this game at your event!

Sumo Wrestling

super_hoopsSuper Hoops

Inflatable Basketball Double Shot – We’ve taken that small arcade basketball game and made it into an inflatable game. First shot starts the countdown timer on this Inflatable One on One basketball game. You get to play two at one time to see who can hit the most buckets. The game has a built-in ball return ramp and ball stop wall to ensure quick play. Included in the game is digital scoring backboard with simultaneous scoring. We have also built in UV treated netting for longevity. Included with the Double Shot are basketballs, ball pump, and ball carry bag.

Super Hoops

undersea-adventureUndersea Adventure

Immerse yourself in our fun, adventurous underwater world! Children dive into an inflatable underwater kingdom ruled by Sid the Giant Squid! They will also see a snorkler who’s just spotted Fin the Friendly Shark! This attraction is in demand, so book it now for your next family-friendly event!

Undersea Adventure

velcrowallVelcro Wall

Players put on a Velcro suit and try to attach themselves to a Velcro inflatable wall. This very popular event is also known as the human “Fly Trap”! It’s also a great photo opportunity at your event.

Velcro Wall

Wet and Dry Giant Slippery SlideWet and Dry Giant Slippery Slide

What is better on a hot day than a 30 foot wet, slippery slide? This is a 25′ single lane slip n slide perfect for those hot summer days! Water runs throughout the length of the slide from the top side of the slide to ensure that every part becomes wet & slippery for your sliding pleasure. This wetness will ensure a slippery slide from start to finish. Come on in the water’s great! Can be used without water as well.

Giant Water Slide

water_slideWater Slide

This is the ultimate water slide experience! Wild Rapids is the first inner tube water slide. Hold on tight, things will get slippery!!!

Water Slide

water_tagWater Tag

Combine laser tag with water guns, and this game is what you’ll get! The coolest game on earth!!! Played just like laser tag, players compete in our giant inflatable maze with water guns and vests. The vest has gauges that measure how much a player has been shot. Great for kids and adults!

Water Tag

wizards combo

Wizards Castle Bounce House 4 in 1 Combo

Recommended for 2-12 years old. Wizards Castle Bounce House 4 in 1 Combo is one of the best looking Bounce Houses on the market today. You get a Bouncer, 14-foot Inflatable Slide, Basket Ball hoop inside and climb all in one bounce house. Always an attraction at your event.

The Wizards Bounce House

wreckingballWrecking Ball

Knock your friends out and win! Players climb atop the inflated pad. Next, one of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and throws it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of the inflated pad. As the wrecking ball swings back, try and grab it! Hence, the last person standing is the champion!

Wrecking Ball
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