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Interactive Games

Rent Interactive Games for Your Next Party or Event!


No matter what kind of interactive game you’re looking to rent, we have fun and exciting age-appropriate options from you to choose from. Give us a call and we’ll get started on planning your next event.

We offer the latest interactive games for your event and will show up early and prepared to make your event a success.

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Batting Buddy

Recommended for 2-12 year old. Children try to hit the Wiffle ball as it rides on a cushion of air, into the inflatable target for scores.

Batting Buddy

big-trikesBig Trike Racing

Adults can act like kids again on over-sized tricycles racing one another through an obstacle course or in a head-to-head straight away race.  Area needed:  Varies depending on the course.

Big Trike Racing


The old time favorite, classic bingo. Comes with sound system and emcee. Area needed: depends on the number of participants.



Receive a sheet of your active and passive phases in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of yourself.


birthdayBirthday Chronicles

Guests receive a computer printout on attractive paper telling them what was happening on any day in history during the past century. Past presidents, sports, music, facts, cost of living and more. Great for birthdays! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

Birthday Chronicles

blacklight-mini-golfBlack Light Mini Golf

10 hole minigolf course lit by LED Black Lights. Course comes with blacklight golf bals, clubs, and accents on each hole and obstacles. Comes complete with background music and lazer light accents.

Blacklight Mini Golf

celebrity_showerCelebrity Shower

Contestants step up into a self-contained 7’ shower.  5 gallons of water rain down on the person inside if the person outside makes golf putt, sinks a basketball shot or hits the bull’s eye on a dartboard.

Celebrity Shower

drive_in_movie2Drive-In Movie

Indoors or outdoors. Large 25ft or 17ft video screens with a powerful sound system, flat or inflatable screen set-up. You pick the movie and we make it happen! Pre- and post- show Music Videos are included; popcorn and other snacks are optional. This is perfect for orientations and other special events. Voted “Most Favorite Event” for colleges!

Drive-In Movie

giant-connect-4Giant Games

Oversized versions of children’s favorites, including Dominoes, Jenga, Connect 4, Checkers , and Chess.

Giant Games

giant_twisterGiant Twister

We have a 25′ x 25′ version of Twister complete with an audio system and emcee. Ask about our Twister Party, which comes with all of the above plus lights and music, or our Giant Inflatable Twister!

Giant Twister

giant-jengaGiant Jenga

These gigantic tumble towers make a great addition to your outdoor game arsenal. Everyone can join in the fun and these giant games are sure to draw a crowd. Great for tailgate parties, corporate events and backyard parties. Don’t forget to customize your giant tumble tower. We can laser engrave your logo or name directly onto the blocks.

Giant Jenga


Dunk Tank

A Dunk Tank is a carnival classic! Whether it’s your boss, a friend, or guest of honor, dunking friends is always a fun time. Hit the bull’s eye and watch them plunge to their wet fate. It’s that easy! This self-contained tank holds 500 gallons of water.

Dunk Tank

electronic_astrologerElectronic Astrologer

Receive a printed sheet displaying Numerology and other interesting tidbits based on a person’s name and birth date! Perfect for birthday parties!

Electronic Astrologer

rent game show maniaGame Show Mania

Have your very own game show at your location. This package comes complete with 4 game show pods, a complete audio system and a charismatic host. Call us for more details on this NEW exciting event.

Game Show Mania

golf_simulator_standardGolf Simulator

Available in Full or Standard size. Actual golf club striking a real golf ball into a special projection screen. The golf ball’s path is then instantly seen on 2 monitors. Features swing analysis as well as digital video analysis, an on-screen leader board for your longest drive, closest-to-the-pin contests, or 18 holes of world class golf. Great for corporate parties!

Golf Simulator

high-strikerHigh Striker

Who can resist picking up the maul and banging away on a Hi Striker?  With sizes for kids of all ages, you can’t go wrong with this incredible carnival game.  People play it time after time to try and ring that bell.  Great for any event.  Portable, easy to use and fun to play.

High Striker

human-chessHuman Chess/Checkers

The people are the pieces on this giant checkers board.  All accessories are included.

Human Chess/Checkers

ice rink collage 3Ice Skating

Suitable for almost all ages, this ice-skating rink can be set up in nearly any indoor or outdoor setting to bring the joy of winter to your next family day, holiday party or special event. A safe, synthetic ice surface makes skating fun and easy. Most importantly, it’s not dependent on the weather outside. Anytime, anywhere, ice skating is an activity that makes your magical moments even more memorable.

Why choose us: Super-Glide ice rinks have sub-floor systems that allow you to set it up on irregular zones (plus or minus 3″ uneven). Some popular venue examples include banquet halls, parking lots, grassy fields, gymnasiums, etc. We offer the highest quality of safety, stability and security in the industry, with the technology and forethought to beat out any competitors. Try it out and you’ll see why!

Ice Skating

lasertagLaser Tag

This 1600 square foot inflatable battle arena includes a fog machine, interior strobe lights and black lights and music.  Up to 8 contestants 4 on 4 compete at one time to become the arena champion.

Laser Tag

massage2Massage on the Go

Massage on the Go is the first massage therapy practice catering to college, corporate, and special event markets. Established in 1996, we have been answering the need for a positive way to obtain stress relief on college campuses and in the work environment across the East Coast. The demand for our services has been growing so dramatically that we now offer Massage on the Go nationally.

Massage on the Go

milk_the_cowMilk The Cow

A life-like cow with all the equipment . . . below. Have a milking contest between 2 people. Everyone is laughing during this unique challenge.

Milk the Cow

minigolfMiniature Golf

We offer two different sized miniature golf courses.  Each course includes flags, clubs, balls, scorecards, obstacles and a clubhouse tent.  The large course has 9 holes (10’L x 5’W).  The small course (8’L x 2W) can be expanded from 10 holes up to 18 holes.

Miniature Golf

ZiplineMobile Zip Line

For 1 or 2 at a time! Bringing you the thrill of a Zip Line right to your event! The first commercially available mobile zip line (multiple patents-pending). The ride is easily accessible by staircase which meets OSHA and ASTM requirements. At the top of the stairs the rider is protected from fall exposure until they are safely connected to the zip line. The rider is able to step off the platform only after the operator moves the Rotating Safety Gate to the open position.

Mobile Zip Line

moneyboothMoney Booth

Participants step into whirling money machine trying to catch as much money as they can. Great for prize giveaways! Area needed:  10’L x 10’W x 10’H.

Money Booth

outrageous-obstacle-courseOutragous Obstacle Course

Choose from 9 different challenges to combine into one great test of agility: Tire run, Twisting run, Balance beam, Big trikes, Buddy Skies, Sac race, Three legged race, Tug O war, and Dizzy Bats.

Outragous Obstacle Course

giant-operation-gameOperation Game

Try this old school favorite turned life size. See if you can remove all the pieces without setting off the buzzer.

Operation Game

oxygen_bar2Oxygen (O2) Bar

The hottest thing on the party scene! Choose from aromas such as Sex on the Beach, Clarity, The Grove, Revitalizing, Mango Madness, Applicious, Chocolate Kisses, Vanilla Bean, Uplifting, The Beach, Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Fields and Hazelnut Coffee. 4 people can participate at once! Breathe in and relax.

Oxygen (O2) Bar


Football, Baseball or Basketball, you have a choice of three sports games: Each are a miniature version of the real game. Participants throw mini sized balls to score points.



Official size  official indoor/outdoor shuffleboard court with all accessories for up to four players at a time.


spin artSpin Art Frisbee

Spin art is an ideal activity if you’re hosting a birthday party, family gathering, bar mitzvah, or Sweet 16! Children and young adults love to use our special swirling system to drop splashes of paint onto their very own frisbee. This is both a party activity and the perfect souvenir combined into one fun and popular event! Also great for carnivals, picnics, fairs and festivals!

Participants place a 5″x 5″ white card or a Frisbee on a spinning machine and squirt paint from above. Then they can create crazy

designs! Great as a party souvenir.

Spin Art Frisbee

speed_pitch1Speed Pitch

Contestants throw a baseball at a target in this speed cage. A radar gun displays the ball’s speed. Show up your friends!

Speed Pitch

S_arenaSports Arena

This inflatable speed pitch requires contestants to throw a baseball at a target approximately 24′ away. A radar gun displays the ball’s speed. Choose from Baseball, Football, Soccer and Hockey.

Sports Arena

super_hoopsSuper Hoops

One to two people shoot mini basketballs against the clock for the high score.

Super Hoops

skeeballTable Games

Choose from Pool Table, Ping Pong, Skee Ball, Air Hockey, Foosball or Electronic Darts. Area needed: varies.

Table Games

velcrogolfVelcro Golf

Participants try to get points by hitting the Velcro covered golf balls into the target.

Velcro Golf

HT_video-arcadeVideo Games & Arcade Station

Ten foot truss with three 27″ TV monitors. We provide the latest video games and systems (i.e. XBox, PS3, Nintendo 64). Up to 6 players.

Arcade Station

whats_in_a_nameWhat’s In a Name?

This game will tell you all about your name and print out a name summary. Great for Carnivals and birthday parties! So accurate it’s spooky! All of our Arts and Crafts come with a banner (3 x 6) and tent (10 x 10) (OPTIONAL).

What's In a Name?


DJ playing background music for cocktails or a presentation, or a rocking dance party.


Dance-Dance-revolutionDance Dance Revolution

One to two players try to keep up with the on-screen dance movements by matching them on the colorful dance pads.

Dance Dance Revolution


Hot WheelsRacing Simulator

Finally, a simulator where you can feel as you are sitting behind the wheel at Nascar!! With 3 monitors and a choice of 500 different tracks. Full motion simulator moves left right forward and back and you turn the wheel.

Racing Simulator


Up to 12 participants can play using our indoor/outdoor regulation size volleyball nets. Comes complete with scoring, referee, and measured court.



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