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Bump Soccer

Bump soccerBump Soccer is the focal point of the hottest new sporting and outdoor activity sweeping the globe – Bubble Bump Ball Soccer now available for your next event!

Started in Norway and quickly spread throughout world…Combines football and soccer! All players on the field wear an inflated bubble and try to get their ball in the goal! You are laughing so hard..sometimes the “goal” of the game is completely forgotten!!..

That’s right. Bump Soccer – which sometimes goes by the names of Bubble Ball Soccer, Bumper Ball, Loopy Ball, Zorb or Body Zorbing – is the bounciest game of bumping and bopping ever created.

No, Really, What’s this Sport All About?

Bump Ball Soccer combines traditional soccer with the pure joy of wearing big Bubble suits. This amazing invention transforms you into a human airbag and unleashes the full fury of Newton’s Laws of Motion onto the field of play.
Your upper body is safely cocooned in a huge inflatable Bubble buffering you from the effects of F=MA.
Players charge each other with reckless abandon and then are sent flying through the air as they fight for possession of the ball. You are trying to score a goal by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over and crashing into each other. Sometimes you score, sometimes you don’t, but each time you bump, bounce or crash you’re filled with the force of pure fun!

Get Your Next Party BOUNCING with Bubble Balls!

Bump Ball Soccer is all about fun. Parties are our business!
We’ve taken this advanced counter-force technology and focused it toward enhancing the fun and sport at every single kind of event possible, making it available throughout Philadelphia, PA and beyond. Be it a birthday party, a team building exercise at a corporate retreat, or an organized tournament for a league devoted to brand new and extreme intensity sports, Party Pros has the perfect game that will make YOUR EVENT the most memorable, fun-loving experience of all time!


bump soccer


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