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Mechanical Rides

Rent Amusement Park Rides for Your Next Party or Event!

The Party Pros can safely set up and manage fun rides and attractions for your next event.


Your guests will have a “berry” fun time at any event with our Berry-Go-Round! This ride is a classic favorite at fairs, festivals, and carnivals! Take it for a spin! This item would be great paired with any other event from our Carnivals packages.

bumpercarsBumper Cars

35 x 35, 15 amp electricity needed on an isolated fuse, indoors or outdoors, Flat Level Surface. 4 Electric Cars, Arena measures 35 feet x 35 feet . Needs a flat level surface. Bumper Cars cannot run on soft grass or gravel.
Bumper Cars

eurobungyEuro Bungee

This is the ultimate in interactive entertainment . Up to 4 participants can experience the thrill of bungee jumping with no risk. You can soar, you can tumble, it’s immersive interactive fun.
Euro Bungee

3horse3 Horse Carousel

Ride our musical 3-Horse Carousel or assorted kiddie rides. They are the perfect safe interactive rides for any party involving young children.

3 Horse Carousel

mechanical bull 3Mechanical Bull

Try to stay on the bull for 30 seconds as it bucks and spins. Don’t worry about falling off; our bull has emergency stop buttons and an inflated surface to fall on. Always a crowd pleaser people will remember such fun.
Mechanical Bull



Mobile Zip Line

For 1 or 2 at a time!

Bringing you the thrill of a Zip Line right to your event!!

  • 1st Commercial Mobile Zip Line
  • Awarded Best New Product by IAAPA
  • Proven Safety Record
  • Auto Brake & Auto Gear Retraction

Mobile Zip Line

rock_wallRock Wall

Experience the thrill of reaching the summit in a 100% safe environment.  Up to 4 people at a time can climb this 28’ inflatable rock face to the summit.  Reaching the peak is only half the fun, wait until you descend.

Rock Wall



sitandspinSit & Spin

Fun interactive ride where guests spin around together.

Style: Interactive Hard Ride
Min Height Req: 36″
Sit & Spin

trackless trainTrackless Train

This train includes an engine and 3 cars. Up to 12 guests may ride at once. Use it to take your guests for a ride! The total length of the train is 40 feet. Kids and Adults alike will ride the train all day. Great for Carnivals or Picnics! Trackless Train

TurboTubs3Tubs of Fun

One of the most popular rides of all time. Tubs of Fun  is great for kids and adults alike.  Each of the 6 tubs spin independently as the entire ride spins in a circle. Able to hold up to 24 people at a time, this is a great addition to any event including  Company Picnics, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, Festivals, School Carnivals and more.
Tubs of Fun

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