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Photo Booth Rental Professional Party Rentals in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD and CT

Rent a Photo Booth for your wedding!

One of the most popular forms of Wedding entertainment we offer are photo booths. We have a wide array of specialty booths to choose from and several come with unique photo items. These booths not only offer a fun and interactive aspect for the reception, but also allow guests to take photos home to hold as memories of your special day for years to come. We have several kinds of photo booths to entertain your guests. Our newest is a high tech HD booth that changes color will entertain your guests and they will be intrigued by this new technology. After 15 years doing photo booths we created the most advanced custom photo booth from scratch. We also offer traditional strip booths, which print 3 photos on each strip. This allows guests to take home mementos from your day, which are also sure to be a hit. We also offer the group booth, which allows you to send photos directly to social media sites. This is a great way for the newlyweds to see all the fun their guests had at their reception, while being able to save the photos as memories from the day. At the end of every event the event planner or bride/groom gets a USB stick with all the HD images.

We will provide lasting memories for you and your guests as we bring one of our photo booths to your special occasion. Let us entertain your guests at your wedding reception. Our all Occasions Photo Booths will create fun entertainment for everyone. The photo booth provides instant film print strips with high quality HD imagery in less then 10 seconds with unlimited prints per event.

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photo booth rentals in pa, ny, ny and ct

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